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Development Blog: Week 1

Tech, Updates April 9th, 2017

Evening you wonderful people, because many of you asked for it. I’m starting to do a weekly development blog.

This won’t always be full of changes or fixes but hopefully give you a better idea of what happens each week to SoSa and how we’re striving to make it better.

I’ll try to make this interesting when I can, time allowing.

New things

  • Revised Homepage
  • Moved servers from America to UK based hosting
  • Introduced separate image and caching server (previously everything was running from a single server)
  • Introduced “Dark Chat”
  • De-introduced “Dark Chat”
  • Re-introduced “Dark Chat”
  • Started regenerating profile pictures
  • Added button in the user list so a user can disable colours in chat
  • Set up community Minecraft server
  • Fix bugs caused by using separate physical servers
  • Added link button (globe) when sharing content
  • Fed Teabot4000


  • Fixed issues with meetups and some content preview images
  • Looked into profile cropping issue – still some work to do here


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