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Breaking News: SoSa rejects fake news that it wiretapped Trump Towers

The Real World March 20th, 2017

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (Morlocks aside) the last few weeks, you have seen Donald Trump’s arguably most striking claims to date: A series of tweets claiming the Obama administration wiretapped Trump Tower during the US-Elections.

Trumps Tweet


Following this, agencies and individuals across the western world, including several US agencies and the GCHQ, have come out against the allegations.


Among those alleged, some what unexpectedly member Blobbyblobblob accused us of the same heinous act.


We felt as an otherwise completely inconsequential social network that it is the right time to also speak out. We want to make it very clear that Social Savanna also has not wiretapped anyone.

To be perfectly honest – the hamsters running our servers can barely keep private messaging up for more than a few minutes, much less wiretap Trump Towers.

We would also like to make it clear that we did not have sex with Monica Lewinsky.


nomnomOne of our hamsters having a much needed rest


Following the allegations, reporter TheBritishAreComing decided to ask members how they felt about the supposed allegations and the fake fact that Social Savanna was even remotely involved. They had this to say:


We're a political forum in the same capacity as we're a dating site :DJoe has yet to get a date from the site. We got you Joe!

I'll wiretap you some dank memesOur local dank meme merchant

SoSa gets bitches wetLaChantonDoux reciting the SoSa motto

ALL OF IT IS FAKE NEWSslimySumoCow was so angery he wrote entirely in caps


Our members were very vocal about the incident; some suggesting the our admission was merely a cover story for the elite classes of SoSa. In either case we can all be sure that 101KushUps (Not confused with 100KushUps) was not involved in any way.

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